2 Simple Steps to Write High Quality Content Faster by Using AI Properly

But remember that writing is also an art

Darius Foroux
5 min readMar 3, 2023


Anyone who writes with a purpose wants their work to get the attention it needs. Think off..

  • Sending a pitch email that gets a response
  • Persuading a website visitor to buy your digital product
  • Writing an article that thousands of people read

You put in a lot of time and effort to write something, so you want people to read it. But when you want it too badly, you might try to trick readers into reading your stuff.

We also call that clickbait.

But when readers click on a headline or email subject and they don’t find the thing they were promised to get — they get disappointed or skeptical the next time.

No one likes to read purely clickbait stuff that doesn’t deliver. But it’s a part of writing because it’s human nature.

You can go against that nature by prioritizing quality over quantity.

That’s a tough challenge today because everyone loves the idea of using AI to write MORE. This is dumb.

Your quality will suffer.

But AI can still be helpful. So here are 2 simple steps to write faster and improve your content’s quality by using AI “properly.”

Full disclosure: I did NOT use AI to write this article. These tips come from my experience with experimenting with different tools.

Step 1: When writing with AI, switch to an “Effectiveness Mindset”

It doesn’t matter how advanced AI content creation tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, etc. become. Using them to compensate for one’s lack of skill won’t lead to good results.

An unskilled writer won’t suddenly become an amazing writer by simply using AI.

As the old adage goes; A sharper ax will cut the tree faster. But even the sharpest ax is of no use in a pair of very weak hands.

AI tools are just that — they’re there to help you do something better.



Darius Foroux

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