2 ‘Small’ Fears Successful People Overcome Everyday

What will you do today?

Darius Foroux
4 min readSep 28, 2023


Self-improvement or personal growth isn’t like an Instagram reel.

We don’t wake up one day and start an online business that generates $10k a month after 30 days.

We also don’t wake up and start running daily for a year straight and then have big muscles with and six pack abs.

Those things might happen to some people, but for most of us mere mortals with a 100 different types of responsibilities, we need to take it step by step.

Sure, major life changes happen, but not on a daily basis.

The quality of our lives depends on the small decisions we make every day. Sometimes, we don’t even notice making those decisions because we do them without thinking:

  • Get up early or stay 5 more minutes in bed?
  • Scroll “a bit” on social media or start your work?
  • Eat a cup of yogurt or open a bag of chips?

These small things matter. And if you’ve been reading about productivity, you would find various advice on how to execute consistently.

But there’s another small thing that makes people succeed. And that’s the ability to overcome two “small” fears on a daily basis.


There are two fears that are associated with every task/goal we do:

  1. Fear of hard stuff
  2. Fear of people

Fear of hard stuff

Think about going to the doctor’s clinic or leaving a dead-end job.

In the case of the former, various studies have observed how a lot of people delay visiting their doctors to check on something that might be wrong with their bodies. The root of it? Fear of hearing bad news.

The possibility of being told you have an illness is a difficult experience. It’s natural for humans to fear bad news. So what do people do? They delay facing the hard stuff.

This applies to many things, including leaving a dead-end job.

I’ve seen too many people languish in a job they hate (I used to be one of them).



Darius Foroux

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