3 Habits That Help You to Get Better Every day

We all need encouragement to keep going when life’s hard

Darius Foroux
5 min readSep 30, 2022

A friend recently asked how I avoid setbacks. He’s been having a hard time motivating himself to keep up his routines recently.

Unless you’re a robot, you can relate to that challenge. Committing yourself to continuous self-improvement is hard. And it requires consistency.

  • Whether you’re trying to get in better shape
  • Learn more
  • Or improve your career

Life can always get in the way. Just think about the last time you had to discontinue a routine because some life event came up. It’s not a matter of if but when.

Several months ago, I spent about six weeks in Spain. I’ve been going to different cities to see what the lifestyle is like because I plan to live there.

The first few weeks were quite distracting because I had to change my routines. I wanted to keep exercising, but the place where I stayed was quite far from a good gym.

So I adapted. I bought a TRX home-workout kit. Having that thing made exercising very easy for me. It went well and I maintained the routine even when I returned to The Netherlands, several weeks later.

On my next trip, I will save a lot of time by having a workout routine that works no matter where I am.

Having these types of plans, routines, and habits help me to keep getting better every day, which is a very rewarding feeling.

Here’s how you can also overcome disruptions and setbacks. And make the best of each day.

1. Take charge

Sometimes, people become reactive without noticing it. We try to copy other people’s habits and assume we will get the same results.

We’ve all heard the advice saying you should keep message and email notifications off most of the day. But to me, that really depends on your situation.

The important thing is to have the self-awareness to determine whether you will benefit from a piece of advice.

Are you truly taking charge of your own life? Or merely reacting to everything you see and read…

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