5 Destructive Money Habits to Quit Today

You’ll get wealthier if you stop losing money

Darius Foroux
4 min readAug 13, 2021


The first thing I did to change my financial shape was to quit my bad money habits. At 28, I was walking around with $30K in student debt, no assets, and about $8K in savings to fall back on.

Three years after I got serious about wealth building, I was debt-free and was making six figures a year. One thing people never tell you when they talk about making money is that you can make all the money in the world, but if you’re bleeding money, you won’t get any wealthier.

Too many people are focused on getting ahead without understanding what’s holding them back. Or what got them in dire financial situations.

So to get in better financial shape, give up your destructive money habits first. That alone will help you to stop your money bucket from leaking. Here are 5 of those bad habits that I had to quit.

1. Mindless shopping

Most people have a consumer mentality. They always need to spend money to have a good time. If you’re getting bored and you think you need to buy something, go on a vacation, eat out, visit a concert, or anything else that requires money, it means you still have a consumer mentality.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Most of us grow up with this mentality. I’m no different. Almost everyone in my immediate family is a consumer.

And look, sometimes I still feel the pull to buy myself out of discomfort. I just want to browse the web and feel like spending money. That’s mindless shopping. And if you keep spending your money on things or experiences that you assume will make you happy, it will only empty your bank account.

To be in good financial shape, we need to give up our consumer mentality. Instead of relying on consumerism for our happiness, we need to rely on inner joy and practice more mindfulness.

2. Using a credit card as a loan

Credit cards are great and serve a purpose. In most countries, you need it to build a good credit score. But the problem with credit cards is that we think it’s a free loan.



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