7 Habits Of Failed Writers

Avoid these habits, and you’ll probably avoid their fate

Darius Foroux
3 min readJan 11, 2021

Writers come and go. But some actually stay around. Those are the ones who turn writing into a sustainable career.

Now, there are many ways you can build a career as a writer. The opportunities on the internet are endless. Success has no blueprint. But failure has.

Here are 7 habits of those failing writers that I’ve observed over the years. These are the things that the writers who disappeared did. Avoid these habits, and you’ll probably avoid their fate.

Writing about the same things

Whether you grow as a writer or not, your audience will. People change, and this is something failing writers don’t understand. They keep on writing about the same topics in the same way.

Readers get tired of that. Complacency is your enemy.

Forming writing fraternities

If your goal is to connect with other writers, become an agent. I see so many writers who want the approval of their peers that they forget why they are in this career.

You’re not a better writer if you talk about your writer friends all the time. You write for your reader, not to form fraternities.


When you read something and think to yourself, “This can’t be true” you’re probably right. No one does 500 burpees, reads 50 pages, writes an article, and takes a cold shower before 7 AM. It’s nonsense, and people see through that.

Using the same headlines

Some catchy headlines work because we’re all curious. So when you use a headline that works once (like the one I used here), you’re tempted to use it all the time. But that takes away all the creativity out of writing. Sure, writing is about doing what works. But it’s also about doing what you enjoy.

If you turn writing into a marketing practice, you won’t last long. It’s soul crushing work.

Taking yourself too seriously

I see a lot of people who complain about certain online platforms. As if they are entitled to getting the…

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