7 Mental Barriers that Prevent You From Getting Rich

Believing that you can’t do something

Darius Foroux
5 min readJun 30, 2024


My parents bought their first house in 2000. My mother told me that one of their family members broke ties with my parents because of that.

Certain people think that buying a house is not for everyone. Those types of people also believe that higher education is not for everyone. Or that owning stocks is only for rich folks.

These are examples of mental barriers.

So many of us have false beliefs about money and life. And those false beliefs can prevent us from ever living a good life. This is where Stoicism and mindfulness can help us.

By becoming more self-aware, we can prevent ourselves from falling into the trap of mental barriers.

Let me share 7 mental barriers that I had to overcome in my life.

1. Believing that you can’t do something

I grew up in an area with low socioeconomic status. Everyone around me was struggling financially. And I could feel a sense of hopelessness everywhere.

At school, on the playground, and even at home.

But I always refused to be like that. This might sound weird, but my mindset started changing when I…



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