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In 1994, Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, retired from the Chicago Bulls and tried to pursue a professional baseball career. Some say Michael was paying tribute to his father, who used to be a semi-pro baseball player and loved the game immensely.

From the start, everyone criticized Jordan’s baseball skills. His swings weren’t particularly good, and he was a slow runner in baseball terms.

The funny thing is that Michael Jordan’s first sport was baseball. …

Is it really worth it to beat yourself up?

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“Oh man, it’s so hard to succeed in life. You need to sacrifice so much for it!”

That’s something you often hear. I agree with the first part. It’s very hard to achieve a worthy goal in life. We all know that good things don’t come easy.

But if you feel like you need to make a sacrifice to be successful, why even go after it? Is it really worth it? When I was still beginning my journey in self-improvement, I thought it was ALL about making sacrifices. I thought stuff like:

Unlike other life theories, this is not about becoming successful

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Imagine that your life is like a wheel with six spokes. A wheel will keep moving if one of your spokes is broken or missing. But if multiple spokes are not working, your wheel will collapse.

To live an optimal life, you need to make sure all your spokes are tight. With a functional wheel, you’ll be able to move forward smoothly. In contrast, if your spokes aren’t tight, you might risk a bump in the wheel, which will make it hard to move.

I call this Six Spokes Theory. For most of us, this is the best way to look at life. …


Darius Foroux

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