Feeling unfocused or overwhelmed? Here are a few things you can try

When you put your head down and start to work on your goals, you can get overwhelmed and unfocused at some point. It happens even to the most productive people.

One of my students recently said the following when we were talking about goals:

“My main goal this month is just one: Finding a new job…This goal has been shadowing me for the last four months with no results, not even interviews despite trying. Now I fear it because I have been failing so far…”

She explained that she previously applied productivity methods like daily journaling, Pomodoro, time-blocking, and so…

Imagine living under a cloud 24/7

Some people choose to live a stagnant life, without any form of personal growth. But if you’re reading this, you obviously do care about your progress.

You’re striving for progress, otherwise you wouldn’t read this. But sometimes, even the most optimistic people have limiting beliefs that hold us back from what we want. We all have certain ideas in our minds that hold us back.

I’ve seen too many people waste their potential and live unhappily because they can’t overcome those beliefs. Here are the most destructive limiting beliefs I’ve observed over the years. …

Money buys you freedom

I I got my first decent-paying job when I was 17. It was a call center and I had to sell mobile phone subscriptions to people. The job wasn’t satisfying, but the money was pretty good for a 17-year-old, especially during the summer when I could work more.

I can’t remember exactly how much I made, but it was something like €2000 a month when I worked six days a week. Living with my parents, I had no expenses, so that was money I could spend or save. And like most people that age, I obviously did the former.


Your values serve as your compass

Before the 90s, Abercrombie & Fitch wasn’t doing that well. Then in 1992, Mike Jeffries took over as CEO. Within a few years, A&F’s profits skyrocketed, and the company became public in 1996.

What did Jeffries do? He turned the company around by focusing on several extreme core values. From a simple, sporting shop that sold apparel, Jeffries turned A&F into a fancy store that embodied youth. I’ve never been a fan of their clothing or image, but I can appreciate the fact they picked a set of values, and operated by them.

Jeffries explained their values and identity in…

Sometimes we need to do something that shakes our system up in a big way so you can get back into a productive state of mind

Let’s say you’ve been feeling unproductive for a while. You’re frustrated that your tasks are piling up, bills are left unpaid, and you’re feeling tired all the time.

When this happens, people keep doing the same things hoping for a different outcome. They think “it’s just temporary” and that “things will get better soon.”

But when they keep procrastinating and don’t find a way to be productive again, they all of a sudden find themselves out of shape, feeling down, and stuck at their careers.

In behavioral research, there’s a concept called “Optimism Bias” that explains why we keep doing…

Advice that has stood the test of time

My grandpa recently turned 88 years old. When I gave him a call on his birthday, he was as energetic as ever. I know he’s a disciplined man who relies on very strict routines. But I realized I never asked him about his habit-forming process.

He’s been doing the same things for all of his adult life. Back then, there were no books and blogs on habits. For example, he’s been going to bed and waking up at the same time for ages.

Another thing he does is going for a daily walk. And he recently got a stationary bike…

Are you making excuses?

I was recently talking to one of my students who took my course on productivity and overcoming procrastination.

She mentioned that she wanted to start a blog for 10 years! But she never took any action. And she eventually wanted to give up her goal. “Maybe it’s time to move on,” she said.

I can relate to that because I wanted to write for almost a decade before I actually started. I tried several different things and even tried my hand at writing fiction. But my goals never really materialized.

This is something almost everyone I know can relate to…

What you pay attention to influences your thoughts, which impacts your actions, which determines the outcome of your life

The following quote is 2000 years old. But it seems like it’s about today’s world: “Most of what passes for legitimate entertainment is inferior or foolish and only caters to or exploits people’s weakness.”

That’s from the Stoic philosopher Epictetus. It couldn’t be more telling about our attention and the things we focus on. We allow other people to control us because we’re pretty much defenseless when the media exploits our weaknesses.

Now, I’m not against all media. But I do think there’s a lot of manipulation going on. Just look at every single social media platform, news website, streaming…

Ultimately, building wealth comes down to our habits

Earn, save, invest. If you want to get rich, those three things always need to be on your mind. In that order too.

On a recent call with JPMorgan clients, the CEO, Jamie Dimon, talked about the key to successful wealth building. He said:

”Investing should be a permanent thing. Save, invest. Save, invest. Guessing at market tops, market bottoms — that is a complete loser’s game. I’ve never seen anyone win at it. The smartest investor in the world, Warren Buffett, would say that is not the way to invest.”

It’s really not that complicated. You don’t even need…

When you’re lost in your thoughts, you’re always stuck in the future or past

I was on a run the other day when I started to observe a dialogue in my head. I’ve been practicing Eastern Philosophy and Mindfulness for several years, and observing the mind is one of the skills I’ve learned to gain peace of mind.

We all have a voice inside of our heads that seems to commentate on everything it sees. It also loves to criticize you or push you to go after things it desires. Things like more food, money, sex, alcohol, drugs, travel, entertainment.

Here’s the dialogue I observed on my run:

“Damn, it’s cold for May. It’s…

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