Be a Finisher, Not a Starter

As soon as life gets hard, every single person’s instinct screams “QUIT!”

Darius Foroux
4 min readApr 19

According to a study that was conducted for the Dutch Ministry of Education, 32% of university students quit in their first year.

I still remember when I was in my first year of studying business. After a few months, students started to drop out. They wanted to switch to different degrees. They thought another degree would make them happier.

1 in 3 that quits sounds very familiar to me. But quitting never popped up in my mind when I was studying.

One of the things I realized early on in my life is that education is not so much about what you learn (unless you want to be a lawyer, doctor, or in other specialized professions).

Education is about showing yourself and the world that you have the ability to finish what you start.

Showing up doesn’t require talent

A few years ago an image went viral called “10 things that take zero talent.” I can’t recall what was on the list, but the idea was that most things in our careers are about simply showing up and doing your best.

I don’t fully agree with this philosophy because every person has different natural abilities and strengths.

But I do think showing up is a HUGE part of the equation.

We tend to make life more complicated than it is. We assume we need the perfect degree, live in the right place, and get the best job, otherwise, we can’t succeed.

But this mentality will only set you up for failure. Regardless of a person’s ability, I think everyone can improve their life if they become someone who cares more about finishing than about starting the perfect thing.

When you want to get something done or achieve something — simply show up.

The mindset of a finisher

Everyone can start something new. Whether it’s pursuing a new degree, job, business, or sport, you name it.

The difficult part is pushing through and making sure you don’t give up early. If you want to be a finisher, the key is to keep the following principles…

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