Definitive Guide To Creating Profitable Online Courses

Turn teaching into a sustainable online business

1. Pick A Topic Worth Paying For

What Topics Should You Consider?

Specify Your Course’s Focus

1. What does my course do?

2. Who is my course for?

2. Create an Online Course Outline

Break Down Your Course In Modules and Lessons

Add Tools, Exercise, and Case Studies

Why You Need Exercises

Why You Need Tools

Why You Need A Case Study

3. Test The Outline

Who Should You Ask?

4. Start Creating Your Online Course Content

Record One Module First

Have A High Production Value




Video Editing

Online Course Platform

When You’re Done With Testing, Record The Rest

5. Design A Logo and Landing Page

Create A Landing Page That Converts

6. Use The Right Online Course Platform

Marketplaces (Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc.)

Your Own Site

7. Pick The Right Pricing Strategy

Avoid Low Prices

Some People Will Never Pay — And That’s Okay

Offer High Value At A Lower Price

Gradually Increase Your Course Price

8. Market Your Online Course In A Genuine Way

Publish Content Related To Your Course

Write Compelling Sales Emails

Create A Real Sense Of Urgency


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