How to Enjoy Life When Everything is More Expensive

You can still have a good time without going broke

Darius Foroux
4 min readJul 3, 2022


I came across this WSJ article the other day. It featured a 34-year-old higher education worker named Rachel Yoke, who worked 2 jobs during the pandemic to make ends meet.

Later, she got a better, higher-paying job and she started to feel a bit more optimistic. Maybe she could now enjoy life better.

Then inflation happened. And everything from groceries, to gas, to clothing, and so forth suddenly became more expensive. Some people did the math and found that Americans are likely paying an extra $276 every month.

“I worked so hard to get this new job and make this shift. Why am I not making as much progress as I thought?” Yoke told WSJ in an interview.

I can understand Yoke’s frustration. Many of us try to live below our means and avoid big lifestyle changes. That’s so we can save more, increase our financial freedom, and achieve our goals.

But in today’s economy, it’s harder to do those things. To make matters worse, leisure expenses, like traveling or dining out, have also increased.

How do you enjoy life when everything is suddenly more expensive? You don’t want to throw everything in the wind. But having a life devoid of pleasure is also counterintuitive.

So in this article, I’ll share 3 simple tips you can do instead.

1. Shift to an acceptance mindset

I think many people feel frustrated with the current economy because of drawn-out expectations that didn’t pan out.

For example, my researcher John told me about his friend who has been saving up money for years to buy a house. When the pandemic happened, she held on to the money in case of emergencies.

Now that things are opening up again, house prices suddenly shoot through the roof. So John’s friend has no choice but to postpone her house hunting again.

You likely had plans that have been affected too.

It can be frustrating when we make plans and they don’t pan out because of external circumstances. But the frustration only doubles when you don’t…



Darius Foroux

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