No, Blogging Is Not Dying Anytime Soon

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Darius Foroux
5 min readJan 26

I recently saw a clip of a well-known author who said, “Blogging is dead. People only watch videos.”

This was coming from someone who has sold millions of books and is still selling hundreds of thousands of books a year. To me, it sounded disconnected from reality.

People still like to read. Not everyone is addicted to watching videos. Just look at yourself. You’re reading this blog post.

If you’re like me, you also still read books.

What do people think? We’re all sixteen-year-olds who are glued to their phones, watching ticktock videos?

Give me a break. Blogs are not dead.

In fact, blogging has become an increasingly popular form of content creation and marketing over the past few years because platforms, AI, and other tools make it easier to reach more people.

But still, people who read have always been in the minority. And I think that’s what most people who think that “video is the future” don’t get. Sure, people are getting lazier and they want you to feed them content.

But think about it. Do you really want to serve those types of people?!

The entire reason I started blogging and writing books is that people who read are my type of people. I write because I read. And people who prefer reading are just different.

However, that’s not the reason blogging isn’t dead and will be around in the future. To explain why…

Let’s talk about the history of blogging

The beginning of blogging can be traced to the digital era starting as early as the early 90s. Long before “blogging” was even an idea, communities were already taking shape with Usenet and online services providing a platform for people to get connected.

Jorn Barger was the innovator who first coined “weblog” in 1997, and Peter Merholz made waves by taking that term further when he shortened it to ‘blog’, which became widely used.

Taking things even a step further, Ev Williams created an entire lifestyle centered around blogging with his service, Blogger. He also popularized the terms: “blog” and…

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