Personal Finance Guide: Manage Your Money Like A Boss

Darius Foroux
11 min readFeb 18, 2021

I used to be very bad with money. I didn’t even use a savings account until my late twenties. Sure, I had one, but I just left all the cash I had in my checking account.

That’s the best strategy for going broke. You either spend your money on crap, or you get lured in by speculative investments like Bitcoin, Gamestop, silver, cannabis companies, or whatever CNBC and the r/wallstreetbets guys talk about (yes, I actually used these opposites in the same sentence).

Anyway, if you’re going nuts because of all of the confusing financial advice out there; this article is for you.

The goal of this guide is to help you get more control over your personal finances. I will share proven strategies and methods that people use not only to manage their money but also to generate more money.

What Is Personal Finance? A Definition

Personal finance is the activity of managing your own money. It’s about how much you spend, save, get into debt, and invest.

The way you manage your money depends on many different things. Age, education, ambition, family, country of residence, all play a role in your personal finance strategy.

While this guide will give you enough input to create a strategy, you must always look at your personal situation. It’s called personal finance for a reason.

What might work for a 21-year-old who’s looking at the stock market like a casino will obviously not work for my father, who’s in his sixties. This is obvious. The reason I mention this is because so many of us compare our financial situation with others.

The only person you should look at is yourself. How others manage their money is insignificant.

The 4 Phases Of Personal Finance

There are stages to personal finance. It’s good to have an understanding of where you are right now because every phase requires a different strategy.

Phase 1: From Nothing To Something

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