Stop Worrying About Missed Habits

Who cares about some imaginary streak?

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  • “I know I’m traveling but I NEED to eat healthily every day! I’m already gaining weight!”
  • “I didn’t work out today. There goes my good health!”

Habits shouldn’t be a burden

We humans have this tendency to take everything to the extreme. And when it comes to habits, I found that majority of my friends, family, readers, and students have an all or nothing mentality.

“You have struggled in the past, and perhaps you are still struggling; but is it necessary? No. Struggle is useless. Stop struggling.”

”Streaks” are harming you

In life, it’s not important what you did yesterday. It’s all about what you do today. But most of us insist on bringing yesterday to the present moment. We believe things like, “I didn’t work out yesterday so it’s useless to work out today.”

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