Why Every Professional Should Create An Online Course

It’s time to pay it forward—and get paid along the way

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“If you have no assets, you have to become the asset… And the way to do that is through having more knowledge about your corner of the world than anyone else.”

Though she didn’t reach her $36 million fund goal last year, she’s succeeded as the face of venture capitalism that invests in people who usually don’t get opportunities.

1. Someone Might Need Your Knowledge

Where can you find the best specialists in the world? I bet that many instructors are thousands of miles away from you. That’s why we go to the internet for help. It’s simply practical.

2. Teaching Forces You to Learn Better

Teaching something is the best way to learn. We retrieve useful information better when we explain it to someone else.

3. Diverse Skills Increase Career Success

Online courses require a diversity of skills to create and launch. You’ll need to know how to create a website to host your courses and build a solid marketing strategy to get the word out. These skills can be applied to other projects in the future.

  • Project Management — An online course is a project, and projects require focus, perseverance, and consistency. Getting things done is a skill. By creating a course, you master this skill and handle projects better.
  • Effective Speaking — Online courses are often made of videos. Sure, your course may have downloadable PDF or Word files, but the main format of your course would involve active talking and teaching. Creating a course helps you become a better speaker.

4. It’s Great for Business

I recently read about how two guys took three months and around $1,000 to create an online course on iOS 7 app development. Their course was sold at $99, and they made around $40,000 selling that course.

5. You Create Jobs

As you grow your audience and revenue, you’ll be expanding. As you expand, you’ll need more people to do your other stuff.

It’s All About Expertise

There are tons of free resources that people can access on the internet. Why would students choose to pay for your course, and not others? It’s because of your unique expertise and perspective. There’s no one in the world who has the exact same background as you.

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Creator of the Stoic Letter | My best-selling online class ‘Effective Writing’ opens January 17. Learn more here: dariusforoux.com/effective-writing/

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