You Lose Readers in 15 Seconds If You’re Making These 3 Mistakes

Darius Foroux
4 min readMar 10, 2023

The author and critic, Charles Finch, says this about amateur writers:

“To me, the single biggest mark of the amateur writer is a sense of hurry.”

Wanting to achieve more in less time is natural. Especially in a world where people leave within 10 to 15 seconds if they don’t immediately see the value of your writing.

No wonder writers feel this “sense of hurry.” But when you let this feeling take over your writing, bad things happen like…

  • People who send emails in a rush don’t communicate their thoughts well
  • Writers who aim to publish more articles end up prioritizing quantity over quality
  • Authors who release a book prematurely become unhappy with their own writing
  • Marketers who don’t spend enough quality time on their copy end up with mediocre sales pages.

If we want to be consistent writers who earn a good income by using our words, we must write every day. But publish (or send) only when our work is ready.

Here are 3 writing mistakes both new and veteran writers make. Avoid them and you’ll make your writing more effective.

1. Generalization

There is a common theme with weak writing: Generalization.

We as readers want value, whether that’s entertainment, knowledge, inspiration, you name it.

But value is difficult to provide when your writing doesn’t include unique, personal insights and stories.

Readers want specifics. Giving advice? Talk about the steps you tried that solved the problem.

Telling a story? Observe what great writers did; how they included unique textures and twists to their characters, setting, and plot. Selling something? Dial up your readers’ curiosity by introducing an unorthodox idea.

This is why AI-written content still isn’t as good as good old human-written pieces. AI gives you vague generalizations.

Compare my introduction to this item about generalization above to this version written by ChatGPT:



Darius Foroux

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