If You Want To Stop Procrastinating, Remove Resistance

The more we delay things, the more resistance we create

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  • You haven’t cleaned your house for three weeks and still don’t feel like doing it
  • You have an exam on Monday and you’re in the bar on Saturday
  • You wrote one page of your novel three years ago and put off the rest until later
  • You registered a domain two years ago but never created your blog
  • You put on your running clothes and shoes, you take a look outside, see it’s windy, and watch YouTube videos instead

What About The Good Type Of Procrastination?

A highly study published from the American Psychological Society journal, by Dianne Tice and Roy Baumeister, showed that procrastination is related to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and stress.

Get It Done and Move On

I love short sayings and one-liners that help me to remember things. It’s pretty corny but what can I say; it works.

You Procrastinate When There’s Resistance

They key to a productive lifestyle is to make everything easy for yourself. You and I both know we always prefer to take the path of least resistance. There’s a large body of scientific research on this.

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